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June 3rd, 2013

..."Somehow It Felt Like Home"...

Define Grail


"Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much; Maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up."
-All Too Well, Taylor Swift

The Epilogue's Epilogue- Define Grail
grail (noun): the object of a prolonged endeavor.

I dedicate this to Diana, who once upon a time, made a donation to Japanese earthquake relief and in return only got a rambling plot outline/idea. Thanks for being patient just a little bit longer.

Extended Summary: Ten years ago Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez put each other back together at Maplevine. A lot can happen in ten years. They restored broken pieces, learned each other inside and out, spoke of wants and desires no one else knew about. They fell in love. They graduated high school, returned to Colorado, left home for universities on opposite sides of the country. Nine years ago they broke every promise and each other's hearts. It took weeks for everything to come undone, but when it did, and they stood back to assess the damage, fault lines ran in every direction. Neither could give in without relinguishing a part of themselves. That was when the silence set in.

.I dedicate this to Diana, who once upon a time, made a donation to Japanese earthquake relief and in return only got a rambling plot outline/idea. Thanks for being patient just a little bit longer. ....n..
Their friends waited for the yelling to resume. For the hateful text messages and raging emails. For battle lines to be drawn and allies to be gathered. It never came. From Stanford and Columbia was only silence. Systematically they annihilated each other from their lives until all that remained were whispers or murmurs amongst friends that were overheard and filed away. For the first time in their lives, Troy and Gabriella went years without fighting.

Troy had prepared himself for a dozen scenarios that would put him in front of Gabriella. Chad's 25th birthday. Sharpay's debut on Broadway. The death of Taylor's father. Zeke's wedding. Those had been more plausible than others, but he had walked through how she would look, what she would say, the anger he expected to well up inside him. Nothing prepared him for the actual day it happened. In all the ways he had imagined Gabriella Montez entering his life, it was never in that room, in that outfit, with those words. In that moment, Troy realized that everything had changed.

Gabriella had been trained to expect every surprise, every obstacle, every possibility that could arise on the job. Nothing prepared her for Troy. In all the ways she had daydreamed of running into him, amidst all the tiny, miniscule details she had heard over the years, nothing helped this make sense. In those moments, her heart broke all over again. He was a stranger to her.

Maybe strangers can start over.
Summary: It's been six years since that summer in Colorado, since they became best friends, since they fell in love. Six years since Gabriella aimed a stiletto at Troy's balls and since Troy slammed a stapler through Gabriella's hand. Six years since they realized that all they needed was each other. A lot can happen in six years.

Their truce lasted eleven months, two weeks and four days. They had couples spats, but the war between them was quelled for that long. It ended during a phone call in November, but neither realized it until they were in the same room for Thanksgiving. They had one sparkling Christmas, one romantic Valentine's Day, a glorious summer vacation back at Maplevine and a perfect goodbye at the airport as they boarded separate planes to separate schools before shattering their fragile peace. There was a difference between peace and love, Gabriella realized then.

 There was nothing different about now and then, Troy realized when he saw her again.

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